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Golden Judi Fragrances is  the result of creative vision which has rooted of experience in the field of fragrances industry.

By taking care of trends observation, fragrances market analysis and perspective ideas, these factors help us inspiring olfaction emotions for offering fragrance products which keep Golden Judi Fragrances as a fragrance guide.


Golden Judi Fragrances was born with the mission to meet the consumers demand in the field of perfumery with wide range and high quality products at affordable price. The Golden Judi Fragrances offers a wide variety of high quality perfumes at competitive cost rates, classified by fragrance families.


We care for the elaboration of all our products in a very special environment, so that’s the quality of excellence.

All of our perfumes and other products are own manufactured, following strict quality controls, and caressing in every part of the production process.

The Keys of Our Success

  • Wide range of products
  • Products Quality & Affordable Price
  • Team Experts
  • Sustainability and social value
  • ERP & CRM programs