fragrance notes : Oud, Rose, Raspberry, Violet

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MAIN ACCORDS oud powdery rose floral woody sweet
PICTURES Baroque Musk, Golden Amber, Supreme Sandal,
Royal Iris and GOLDEN WOOD . The perfumes are made from
high-quality ingredients such as Bulgarian rose, sandalwood
from Sri Lanka or Italian iris. “The rich golden light of the setting sun
filters through the brocade curtains, illuminating
the palazzo’s secret room. It is filled with hidden treasures,
precious artifacts and curiosities from the world over. Among these riches,
a sextet of dark flasks bearing a golden monogram…”
GOLDEN WOOD is a luxurious and complex aroma of oud in combination with a bouquet of roses, raspberry and violet.

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Additional information

Weight 330 g

30 ml, 60 ml