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‎- The Cargo Company through which goods are sent if the buyer wants to return them
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•    ‎ Universality and Scope of Contract
Remote Sales Contract (“Contract”) was issued in accordance with Consumer Protection ‎Law No. 6502 (“Law”) and the Remote Contracts Regulations. ‎
The Parties to this Agreement acknowledge that they understand the obligations and ‎responsibilities arising from the articles below and the Remote Contracts Regulations under this ‎agreement.‎
‎ Subject of this Agreement:‎
‎ The buyer is notified that the goods or services owned by the seller have been obtained ‎from www., which is owned by GOLDEN JUDİ KOZMETİK DIŞ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ which registered in Istanbul, Turkey ‎

•    Basic qualifications and prices (of goods and services) covered by the contract, including ‎VAT:‎
Product’s discount:‎
Product’s price:‎
Address of seller:‎
Product’s name and code:‎
Coupon points:‎
Total sales:‎
Installment sales:‎
Total sales with VAT:‎
The advertised prices and promises apply until they are updated and modified. Prices ‎advertised on a regular basis are valid until the end of the specified period.‎
Product’s price without cargo cost:‎
Cargo Cost:‎
Total with cargo:‎
Plan and form of payment:‎
Amount Paid with VAT ‎
‎(This will be determined according to the options in the payment system which were ‎established with the bank and the financial institution)‎
Received subtracted debt:‎
Interest rate used in the subtracted debt: ‎
Terms of delivery:‎
‎(Commencing from the day on which the order was made by the buyer for the service or ‎goods)‎
Delivery Address:‎
Product Price:‎
‎(The price of the product will be collected from the buyer by the seller via ‎the payment protection system)‎

•    Delivery of Goods and Delivery Form:‎
The contract enters into force by the buyer in electronic form and shall be executed upon ‎the delivery of the goods or services purchased by the buyer, from seller to buyer.‎
The goods will be delivered to the person / authorized person and address specified in the ‎contract and in the buyer’s order file.‎

•    ‎ Delivery and Delivery Costs: ‎
The buyer is charged with delivery costs, unless there is a verdict contrary to that; if the ‎seller acknowledges that he will bear the delivery fee on the website, he (“Seller”) will be ‎charged with the delivery expenses. ‎
Delivery of goods is made during the commitment period after payment is made.‎
The seller must deliver the goods or services to the buyer within a period of 30 days from ‎the date of ordering goods or services, provided that the seller retains the conditions in which it ‎is impossible to deliver the services or goods ordered.‎
If the buyer does not pay the service or goods costs for any reason or the amount paid in ‎bank records is canceled, in this case the seller is not responsible for the delivery of the service ‎or the goods.‎
If the seller delivers the goods to the cargo, and the buyer receives them, and then the buyer ‎wants to cancel the order he (“buyer”) will be responsible for the cargo costs.‎
If it is not possible to fulfill the delivery of the required goods and services, the seller will ‎notify the buyer within 3 days from the date of being informed of this situation; otherwise, all ‎the received payments, including delivery charges, are returned within a maximum period of 14 ‎days from the date of notification.‎

•    ‎ Pledge and Acknowledgement of the Buyer
The buyer acknowledges that he has read and understood the preliminary information that ‎has been clarified by the Seller, with regard to the basic characteristics of the services and ‎goods covered by the subject of the contract on the Site, the selling price and the form of ‎payment. Buyers can access their requests and complaints as consumers using the contact ‎information listed above. ‎
The buyer must confirm the agreement and the initial information request form ‎electronically, and must confirm delivery and payment information, service and goods taxes ‎including the price, basic characteristics of the service or goods required and the address to be ‎given to the buyer by the seller before the conclusion of the remote sale contract; this ‎information must be confirmed in full.‎
In the event that the buyer receives the clearly-identified service or goods -the subject of ‎the contract- from the cargo company and they have been damaged or defective at the time of ‎delivery with problems like (a torn cover, a broken piece, etc.), the entire responsibility is upon ‎the buyer.‎
‎ After the delivery of the goods or service, if the bank or financial institution fails to pay the ‎price of the service or goods to the seller because of the use of the credit card of the buyer ‎illegally or unfairly by unauthorized persons without the buyer having a relationship with this ‎error, the buyer shall bear the responsibility of returning the goods or service within 3 days to ‎the seller provided that the buyer received it himself, and in this situation the delivery expenses ‎are paid by the buyer.‎

•    ‎ Pledge and Acknowledgement of the Seller
The seller shall be responsible for delivering the goods or services which are the subject of ‎the Contract to the buyer in accordance with consumer legislation, properly and without any ‎form of decrease, in accordance with the qualities specified in the application, and with the ‎documentation and evidence of the warranty and the manual of use, if any.‎
If the goods or services that are the subject of the contract are not delivered during the ‎specified period due to exceptional conditions or compelling reasons that could prevent the ‎delivery, the seller will be responsible for informing the buyer within 3 days from the date of ‎knowing the situation.‎
If the delivery of the service or goods that are the subject of the contract to a person other ‎than the buyer, the seller is not responsible for the non-acceptance of that person concerned.‎

•    ‎ Right to Cancel
The seller may use the right to cancel within 14 days from the date of purchase in ‎transactions related to the sale of the service, and from the date of delivery in the transactions ‎related to the purchase of the goods, without any civil or criminal liability and without any ‎justification. The buyer is entitled to use this right until the time of delivery of the goods.‎
The buyer can use the right to cancel by sending email to our team at cancel/

‎ The buyer must return the goods within 5 days from the date of use of the right to cancel ‎by taking the seller’s return address and filling out the return request form on the relevant page.‎
The goods must be returned with the invoice, the goods’ box, the cover, accessories and ‎other products that were gift with the goods without shortage or damage.‎
The buyer shall not be liable for any changes, disturbances or losses incurred during the use ‎of the goods, in accordance with the usage instructions and the technical and operational ‎characteristics during the period of cancellation.‎
Detailed information on using the right to cancel is available at

The seller shall bear the cargo charges in the return, provided that he sends it through the ‎shipping company contracted with by the seller, and specified in the preliminary information ‎form.‎
The seller is not responsible for the damage to the goods that the buyer returns during the ‎cargo, and is not responsible for the cargo charge if it is sent with a shipping company not ‎contracted with by the seller, and specified in the preliminary information form.‎

•    Conditions in which the Right to Cancel is not Executed:‎
Under the provisions of the legislation, the buyer may not exercise the right to cancel in the ‎following cases:‎
‎-‎    The price varies depending on fluctuations in the financial market and in the case of ‎contracts of goods or services that are not controlled by the seller (products in the ‎categories of adornment, silver and gold.)‎
‎-‎    In contracts for the delivery of goods with the possibility of expiry or which may be ‎subject to the risk of immediate deterioration, and which are not appropriate to return to ‎normal nature, which is prepared according to the needs of the buyer personally or clearly ‎according to his wishes.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to the delivery of goods for which the return is not approved in terms of ‎hygiene or health, or of the goods for which the protective elements, such as the covering, ‎seal and attachment, were opened after delivery.‎
‎-‎    Contracts for goods blended with other products which cannot be separated by their ‎nature, after delivery.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to computer supplies, software, audio and video recordings and books ‎that are presented in a physical medium provided that the protection elements such as ‎cover, seal and glue-tape are opened by the buyer.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to the delivery of periodical publications such as newspapers and ‎periodicals, except as provided for in the comprehensiveness of the customer contract.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to the evaluation of leisure time, which is for the purpose of ‎entertainment or pleasure, food and drink supplies, car rental, transfer of objects and place ‎of residence due to a specific period or date.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to the fulfillment of services related to lottery and betting.‎
‎-‎    Contracts related to services provided with consumer consent before the end of the right ‎of withdrawal.‎
‎-‎    Contracts associated with non-physical goods that are delivered immediately to the ‎consumer, and service contracts that are delivered in electronic media (such as gift cards, ‎gift coupons, currency replacement vouchers, etc.)‎
‎-‎    The right of withdrawal will not be used in services or goods that have been left out of the ‎comprehensiveness of the remote sale contracts. ‎
‎-‎    Services in areas such as the entertainment sector, restaurants, accommodation, travel, ‎drinks, daily consumables and food delivered to the seller’s home with regular cargo ‎deliveries. Conditions for the return and replacement of goods and services of this type ‎that are subject to sale in holiday categories follow the rules and practices of each seller.‎

•    ‎ Conflict Resolution
‎-‎    The seller holds the direct responsibility for the service or goods sold within the scope of ‎the law and the remote sales contracts.‎
‎-‎    In disputes arising from the remote sale contract or value, the Ministry of Commerce and ‎Customs shall declare the value. Consumer courts shall then be empowered by consumer ‎complaints arbitrators in the provinces or areas where the buyer resides or buys the ‎product, at his place of residence. However, buyers will complain about the goods and ‎services they purchase directly to sellers.‎

•    ‎ Price of Goods and Service
The price of goods whether in cash or deferred is the price in the invoice that is sent to the ‎buyer with the product and in the e-mail information sent at the end of the order.‎

•    Conditions of Default, and Consequences
If the buyer fails to do business with the credit card, the buyer –the owner of the credit ‎card– will be responsible before the bank and will pay interest on the credit card contract that ‎he signed with the bank. ‎
In this case, the bank may apply for compensation for the legal damages and the buyer shall ‎be required to pay the Agency’s fees and the resulting expenses. ‎
In the event that the buyer defaults on the debt under any circumstances, the buyer will be ‎responsible for the loss and damage that affected the seller, due to the buyer’s delay in paying ‎the debt.‎

•    ‎ Reporting Contract and Evidence:‎
Any correspondence between the parties under this Agreement shall be made through ‘My ‎account’ > ‘Product Inquiries’ or via the e-mail on the website, except for the mandatory ‎conditions provided for in the legislation.‎
In the event of any dispute arising out of this Agreement, the buyer acknowledges that the ‎electronic and computer records in which the seller maintains its database with its official ‎records and commercial records constitute binding evidence that the buyer undertakes and ‎agrees to accept.‎

•    ‎ Contract Enforcement ‎
This contract consists of 14 articles, concluded on the date of the buyer’s approval and ‎accepted in electronic form, through reading by the parties.‎

SELLER ‎                                BUYER