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Top notes: vetiver, musk;
Medium notes: Ambroxan
Base notes: gedion, iris, violet (root)

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Ambroxan is the ingredient around which ESSENSE OF LOVE orbits around exclusively . Natural ambroxan is one of the lusted after components of ambergris, the prohibitively costly, rare excretion of a sperm whale. To be absolutely honest, when we tried this, we were shocked by its subtlety…and we mean subtle. In fact, all we can smell is a smooth, skin-like, we-can’t-put-our-finger-on-it fragrance afterthought that might as well be our own skin…but it isn’t. There is a slight mineral-like edge to it but it’s transparent and mild…if you’re the type of person who can instantly tell the taste of plain water versus a mineral water like Evian, you’ll instantly pick up on the gentle nuances of ESSENSE OF LOVE . To sum it up, ESSENSE OF LOVE is very light yet always present and hovering about four inches above where you applied it, especially after a few hours. The term “skin scent” has never been more embodied than in this perfume and we bet it will both fascinate and confuse perfume lovers for a long time to come. If there’s anyone in your life who “can’t stand perfume”, you’ve just found a little bottle of perfection for them.

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Additional information

Weight 230 g